Beale Street Music Festival Reveals Rescheduled Dates

Last week, organizers announced that the May event, which was set to require place from May Day to three in Tom Lee Park, would need to be rescheduled. Now, the festival will run from October 16 to 18, and organizers said 42 of the 65 original artists will still be ready to perform at the autumn event. At this point, they’re still working to verify the remainder of the lineup.

Beale Street Music Festival

This is the primary time that Memphis In May will become Memphis in October.

“For forty-four years, Memphis in May has been a revenue generator for the town of Memphis, particularly through the business it brings to our tourism industry’s key segments of lodging and hospitality,” Memphis in May President and CEO James L. Holt said during a statement. “With the difficult times those businesses face now, we felt it had been more important than ever that we do our part to assist revitalize the local economy. The Memphis in May events are a source of civic spirit and unity for Memphis and therefore the Mid-South, and this fall will be the time for our community to return together.”

Ticket holders can either use their Beale Street Music Festival Tickets for the autumn event, defer their tickets until the 2021 edition of the festival (scheduled for April 30 to May 2, 2021), make their ticket a tax-deductible contribution to Memphis In May to supply books for local schools, or request a refund. These options are going to be available beginning April 1.