Get an Unforgettable Celebration With a Country Fan Fest Ticket

If you want to get into the summer season with all the sun, surf, and sand that California has to offer, then Country Fan Fest is the perfect place for you. This four-day festival, celebrating America’s most beloved genre, takes place on the last Saturday of June, in San Diego. The days when Country was only for white people have long since passed, but this year promises to bring the classics back to life, and if you are lucky, you may even get to sing along with the very best country singers.

Country Fan Fest

Since this is a music festival, every person coming to this special event must have a valid I.D. It is illegal to bring weapons or drugs into Country Fan Fest, no exceptions. For this reason, general admission to this all-inclusive music festival is limited to the first 100 guests. So get your tickets now and become part of the great life-changing event.

Since its inception, Country Fan Fest has gained a reputation for being one of the top music festivals in the United States. And it’s not just because of the tickets: each day at Country Fan Fest, live music acts take the stage, complete with stage makeup and lighting designed just for their performance. In fact, many of the performers who appear at Country Fan Fest are unknowns, but their fans have given them the opportunity to show off their talents by way of the overwhelmingly positive feedback they’ve received. So when you arrive at the event – known as “the grounds” – be sure to grab a country fan fest ticket, which allows you unlimited access to the four main stages on a first come, first served basis.