Lollapalooza Chicago 2019 Full Schedule is Out

Lollapalooza sell-out almost every time, it is a well-known festival in all over the countries in the whole wide world. Despite being so many years exhibiting fun and music annually, Lollapalooza never actually gets old. The fans that hurdle up at the festival each expect a lot from the festival. Though we already knew Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino and Tame Impala were to headline the Lollapalooza lineup it is only recently we have come to know of full schedule and lineup.

Lollapalooza Chicago

There are more than 150 acts on eight stages in the lineup released just yesterday on the festival’s app. The whole schedule is now also available at the Lollapalooza’s official website.

Start planning your four days at Grant Park full of music and a whole lot of entertainment. The festival is just few weeks away now get your Lollapalooza Tickets now.

There are so many choices to make this year with a ton of exciting acts scheduled. Knowing who is playing where will make it a lot easier for you to decide. There are some serious clashes in the times of acts too. Like if you want to see the full sets of ‘Death Cab for Cutie’ you’ll have to miss out on ‘Janelle Monáe’ performance. But then there is an alternative solution too.

You can watch some songs from one artist and then switch to the other stage. It is so you can get a little of another artist playing at the same time as well. There is also another clash at Saturday evening and you’ll have to choose between Lil Wayne and Tenacious D. other than that there are fully clad choices with rapper Lil Baby closing the American eagle stage on Thursday night. There is also an alternative act to Twenty One Pilots and J Balvin by French producer Madeon on Saturday evening.

Below are the full schedule and times set for the Lollapalooza this year. Take a close look at each artist playing at specific times. This will help you be prepared for the epic live music at Grant Park.